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Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Twinscraftlife LUCKY DRAW

Twinsrcaftlife Lucky Draw Banner

Twinscraftlife is proposing their 1st Lucky Draw !!
 *i think im a little bit late. ohh
cause the due date is on 22/april/2011.
haha thanx to my BTO friends yg inform kat i.huu

The name Twins is given cause the owner are real twins 
that move from Korea to Malaysia in year 2000. 
ya, i got to know this at their blog :) hee
so excited ! they are Koreans ! anneyosayo ! 
*surely my spelling is wrong.haha. sorry bout that :)

Twinscraftlife is an online blog shop that sold many hand-made items !
trust me, u will be so impress with their products !
so, click this link to go to their site :)

p/s : check this out for domo lovers !

1st Prizes for this lucky draw is

this is a key holder :) her name  : akma1004
im not sure it is her or him. hee :)

isn't it adorable ?
btw, they also will gave the best blogger prize !

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Terima Kasih Sudi Baca :)

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storyfromme said... Reply to comment

comel2 la hadiah die.good luck ye iqa :)

fiqaliqa said... Reply to comment

hehe thanx kak fad :)

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